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Paris, I'm like everyone else on this one. You may have a gem and everything may be just fine. Lack of use of appliances may not be as bad as lack of use of the coach in general. I don't think they are as needy as the drive train, gennie and other systems overall. I bought a Class C many years ago, that had never had the stove or oven used once. It worked just fine. The fridge was used sparingly and it worked just fine, also. There wasn't a washer and dryer, but I think they may be ok too. The other things I mentioned probably are a bigger concern and bigger $$$. I wouldn't drive any further than the nearest tire shop with 14 year old tires. The airbags could be something very simple. Mine are original to the coach and they are fine. I would think the 2000 would be fine too. It may have a switch you forgot to flip, a bad switch, or air valve, etc. all of which are simple and inexpensive fixes. Your lack of knowledge of Birds in general requires a careful inspection by somebody qualified to do so. It would be money well spent. If bad you saved a whole lot of money. If good you may have gotten a great deal and a lot of peace of mind.

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