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Paris, we bought a 2000 43 LXI with 2 slides. We didn't know squat about motorhomes and even less about the bluebird. The major things we did as part of the deal was to put in a residential refrigerator (Samsung 17.5 cu ft) and had both slide seals replaced. It is the minor stuff that keeps you busy and frankly I am thankful I am handy and thankful it's been fairly small stuff. I will tell you this, the most support that I have ever had has come from the members on this blog! Even when we had fifth wheels it was always something, the difference is with the fifth wheels it was usually due to poor quality or workmanship, something you don't have to worry about with a bird as they seem to be very well built and engineered. We picked this coach for several reasons (we were full timers), first it had 2 slides, which are a little hard to come by but makes a pretty big difference in space, second it had great closets because my wife and I still work and have a lot of clothes and we won't mention the shoes involved here! And lastly because of that bloody musical horn! We have since moved into a stick house and our coach is for sale but I will tell you when I buy another one, and we will, it will be a Bluebird!

Best of luck! It's just another adventure!

Ed & Michele Legue
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