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Ok, so here is the confusion on the length. I purchased it that making it was for sure a 33" but after parking next to friends that have a 32' Rv and meeting another bird owner that had a fc31 identical to ours he guaranteed me it was a 31". That is why I said it was a 31". I'm still not sure to be honest. I could pull out the title but I don't think it says. Talked to John McGinnis and he recommended just measuring but I have not had time to do so. Dave sounds like he knows so I would be quite certain it is a 33" but the other gentleman was certain it was 31". This is quite confusing. Regardless of the 2 feet we love our bus and it is something special. We wish we could keep it but we have made commitments on a home and need to cash out some equity. I've had several very interested parties in the last 2 days and several coming to look at her this week. Anyone can feel free to give me a call if you have any questions eight28 seven47- 0911

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