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Originally Posted by JonDee View Post
Walk Thru Video:
Ok, my crazy busy summer business has come to an end and I've had time to give a little attention to my bird for sale.

I replaced the AC that was out with a New Brisk Air 2
I Replaced all 5 batteries. 12v generator and 6v coach batteries
Replaced the starter
Replaced the fresh water pump with sureflo
I also lowered the price to 25,500 and have a bonus for the WOG
*BONUS* if anybody from the WOG buys this bus for the asking price before oct 1 I will throw in the blue ox tow bar and the brake buddy system (brake buddy may need a new controller as it got wet and I have not tested it). These two pieces are some expensive parts if you have to buy them.

Thanks for sharing the links to your videos. They're put together well.

Your bus looks good as too, good luck with the sale.
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