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Heres a little more info on what we need.
We have lots of members with old email addresses,old addresses that do not work anymore.
The WOG sends out all kinds of emails daily,from happy birthday to forwarding threads etc to your address.
When we send these emails out to a bad address we get the emails "bounced " back to WOG.
So,why does this matter?
Well,i have no idea how this works but heres how i understand it,when we get a bounced back email that email is counted somehow,when we get too many of them back we get a "bad mark" next to the WOG name,basically it makes it look like WOG is sending out spam.
Which is not so good in the computer world.

So,please update your files,we need to get this cleaned up so we can stay in business!

Thanks everyone!!
email me at only.

Randy Dupree
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