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Some have disagreed with me when I say "The M380 Living Room slide does not lock in the extending position". I have have exposed the mechanisms on both sides of the slide and looked/watched how the slide works going in and out. It is very obvious how it locks when retracted but I can see nothing that will lock it in extended position. There can be only one of two possibilities. Either it does not lock when it goes out or there is something wrong with my slide. After physically looking at how it works and not guessing I will have to say mine does not lock.

I have done this many times and works every time. Just go dump the air to the seal with the dump valve. Don't do anything else but make sure seal is deflated. Now, walk outside stand in the middle of slide and just push it in. It will stop in the correct place and lock. It doesn't take a lot of force to push it in if coach is level.

You can't do this with the rear slide because it moves with a electric screw motor. I guess if you had several guys on ladders you could all push on it and force motor to turn but one man can not or at least I can't. Both slides are free floating rooms on linear bearings. The front slide has mechanical stops to keep it from moving too far. Rear slide would go in or out too far if sensors fail to stop it.
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