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Lloyd, your comments are exactly what I was hoping to hear. I am still traveling, but when I get home I will print your previous comments on where to find the air tank and dump valve and give it a try. I guess the wind was so powerful and it was gusting hard, that it pushed some of the air out of the tank perhaps through a relief valve.

In a previous post I sort of remember either you or Marv saying you can retract the rear slide beyond flush to service the seal by triping the service switch and then retracting the slide using the normal retract button; do I have that correct?

It is my understanding that the front slide can only be retracted beyond flush to expose the seal by disassembling/unbolding the retracting mechanism. Is that your understanding?

I am just finishing a 3 week trip and it has given me some time to learn more about the Coach. Since I have almost no time in my normal working routine I don't get the learning/exploration time I would like and so appreciate you and those on this list giving me the insights I need to learn how to take care of the M380. It has been an expensive learning experience, but when everything works it is a pleasure.

BTW, my awning has been working normally on its own for most of this trip.


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