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Default Motorcycle and Car Towing Options

I currently have a 2002 Honda Civic that cannot be flat-towed, and a 2006 Triumph Sprint motorcycle. As I see it I have three options for transporting two vehicles behind my SP:

1. Buy a different car that can be flat-towed and install a motorcycle lift on the back of the SP;

2. Use a tandem tow dolly like this one:

3. Use an enclosed trailer to haul both motorcycle and car ala John Finn.

I think number 1) is the "best" option from a convenience perspective but I am worried about hanging 800-1000 lbs of weight (lift + motorcycle) at the very rear of the motorhome. Will this lighten the steering, overload the rear axle, or ruin the ride by sagging the rear suspension too much? Do these connect to the hitch receiver or the frame, or are both types available? I think the tongue weight on the hitch should be rated for 10% of the towing capacity or 1000 lbs (with 10,000 lbs towing capacity) so maybe this isn't as big a problem as I think.

Number 2) seems not to be in favour as most people think tow dollies are a PITA. It also seems expensive as the tow dolly will price out at close to $5000 new with options and I can't find any used ones.

Number 3) seems like an awful lot of weight, expense, and PITA finding a place to park the trailer.

Thoughts and experiences, especially from anyone who has installed a motorcycle lift?
Richard Selin
Former owner 1992 SP36
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