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I'm looking to do the same thing as you are looking into this summer. We already have a dolly that works fine towing my wife's Saab (the dolly came with the Wanderlodge when we bought it last year). I'm looking at the following as a motorcycle lift to attach to the back of my FC.

You will notice that they sell a dolly that also has room for your bike. Also they are relatively close to me so I could bring the Wanderlodge to them and have them weld the receiver on and attach and set up the lift.

There is another carrier that lifts the bike up even higher, but I'm not sure how high I want it riding on the RV.

Anyone that knows of either of these motorcycle carriers please share your experiences!

I have a Honda ST1100, not as heavy as a Harley, but still not small.

One nice thing about the overbuilt lift is it folds up to reduce the amount of room it takes up when you aren't using it. When we won't need 2 vehicles I think we can just take the bike, shorter vehicle and can back up (backing up our dolly, which has tires that turn, is really a trick).

Thanks for starting this thread!
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