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Jim, I think you make some good points and you know if you through in one of those Honda generators and insulate the trailer a little you have a lot of options. BUT, that being said we do this stuff to get away from it all and the more stuff you carry with you the more complicated we make it for ourselves.

Some of my use for my Blue Bird involves travel without even the toad vehicle. You know its pretty darned nice not to have to worry about that thing back there. So while I agree completely with your comments I just think it's important to make some statement that there are advantages to keeping it as simple (stupid) as is possible.

To the extreme. If you have to take it all with you maybe you'd be better off staying home? Each of us has to decide how much we need. I've seen my wife carry stuff in and out of the motor home a number of times and a significant amount of the stuff is just round tripped and not used. The larger the trailer the more stuff you'll think you need. So just factor that all into the equation.

A twenty foot trailer a Smart car and a motorcycle inside would work pretty nice.

If I get around to it I'll post my scooter lift I made. It doesn't extend my total length at all and works pretty well for smallish bikes and scooters. It's a pretty big PIA to use as compared to a trailer but it has the advantage of not taking up space once you've landed.

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