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Default Recommended Tire Pressure

I recently picked up my M380 from my repair facility and asked them to checked the tire pressure given that it is not easy when towing a car to find a place to air up or having to use the on-board compressor. The technician assistant told me he put 110 in the rear tires and 95 in the front. Naturally I had him change it to the recommended 95 in the rear and 115 in the front. He told me that the recommended pressure posted was for the original tires not the one's I currently have which are rated for 120 lbs. and that the rear should carry more air since the weight was in the rear. I have always followed the posted recommendation and carried 95 in the rear and 115 in the front. Questions: If the weight is in the rear shouldn't it carry more pressure? Is 115 lbs. to high for a tire posted for 120 lbs.? Why the word "recommended" why not just post the proper tire pressure, how much leeway is in that word recommended>
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