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Default Fuel Quality

I'm pretty sure this topic rivals religion and politics, but I've got to post my observations regarding fuel quality.

We are wrapping up the back end of a ~3,500 mile, 3 week road trip. I fueled up prior to leaving at the local Fred Meyer (Kroegers for you mid-western and easterners) fuel station. That tank took us in the neighborhood of 1,300 miles before I got nervous and filled her up. It took 221 gallons at a station in Moorecroft Wyoming. We got a very respectable 5.99 MPG. I was happy as a clam.

The next portion of the trip however had us in a federal camp ground in Theodore Roosevelt national park where we had to run generator. We also had several very cold days requiring to heat with the Webasto. I'm guessing we used 20 - 30 gallons of diesel between the two. As well, I had noticed a ton of debris and junk in the Racor. After a week at my daughters in Grand Forks North Dakota (where I rebuilt the Racor and replaced both primary and secondary filters) we started our journey back. I filled up again yesterday in Beach Montana. This time however, we only went ~ 1100 miles. It took 255 gallons. We took a severe beating of heavy rain and very difficult wind for ~400 miles in North Dakota between Grand Forks and Dickinson. With a generous number of 30 gallons to the generator and furnace - we netted near 5 mpg. Not so happy with that one.

However, our fill-up in Beach was at a Cenex station with fuel marked at 48 Cetane rating. Temps were in the 20's, and I was concerned about gelling. I've got to say that our WB has never performed so "efficiently". There is a noticeable difference in power, and fuel performance seems to be noticeably better. I won't be able to fully tell until the final fill-up when we get home, but I want to know if others have experience better performance with higher cetane?

Looking forward to your responses!
Gerry Lefebvre
Newberg, Oregon
91 WB 40'
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