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Your engine is designed (injection timing, combustion chamber volume/shape, injector spray pattern, etc..) for a minimum cetane level. Cetane simply measures how easily the fuel ignites under certain conditions of heat and pressure. It's almost the opposite of the gasoline octane rating, which measures how hard it is to spontaneously ignite under heat and pressure.

Higher cetane (above minimum) will give better cold starting performance and will reduce knocking with a cold engine. However, the most important factor for cold weather performance is the cloud point and jell points, temperatures below which the paraffins in the fuel will solidify.
Summer blend #2 Diesel fuel has a cloud point of about 32 F. #1 winter blend may cloud well below 0 F. Various additives will help prevent clouding; kerosine or gasoline may be added to the tank in small proportions (10% or less for gasoline) for very cold weather operations.

These reduced cloud point fuels have lower heat values and reduced cetane ratings, so your performance and mileage will be less.
However, in general #2 Diesel fuel is #2 Diesel fuel and will perform as designed in your engine.
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