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Default Generator Rotor Bearing on 15Kw Powertech

I decided to change out the main bearing Wednesday after reading the horror stories on the forum about bearing failure. Having 3200 hours on it, it turned out to be a wise decision. I found the bearing still intact and functioning but it was dry as a bone. It might have lasted another few hundred hours , but I sure feel better now that its done. I bought a new SKF bearing on good old ebay for $15. I was able to get the generator out far enough without unwiring my junction box by the small squirl fan (not radiator fan, the other one). I put in a new fan motor while it was out. I did drain the radiator and take the hoses off at the radiator (new hoses). Murphy was right there with me as I was using a pallet jack which is perfect for this job except the hydraulics failed as soon as I pulled the generator off the track. I worked on the jack as long as I worked on the Genny. Never could get it working and the jackman said it would be a week. I used a 4 caster wood furniture dolly under the pallet jack. What a pain but its over now.
My advise is to take lots of pictures. Dummy me didn't.
You will need a steering wheel puller with 2 ea 8mm x 70 mm bolts for the puller to get the exciter rotating coil off. Be sure to unhook the two wires coming out of the rotor keyway and don't get them caught when you pull the exciter coil.
I used a small 2 hook puller to pull the bearing and end plate.
Removed the big ring clip, banged out the old bearing out of the end plate and then very, very carefully tapped in the new bearing.
I made a tool using a 3 inch long piece of 1-1/2" id exhaust pipe with a slot cut in one end for the two wires and 1-3/4" od x 8mm id thick washer and bolt to pull the new bearing and endplate back on the rotor shaft.
Then put it all back in the way it came out.
Unfortunately I did it alone. Not wise. Get help.
And by the way, the fiberglass center piece and light bar weighs about a hundred lbs. I had no idea. Almost got me but I caught it.
Anybody doing this job feel free to call if you got questions.
Good Luck
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