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Just a suggestion - the VIN and the engine serial number for many of these coaches (boats, trucks, etc.) can sometimes lead you to some good info. If I was thinking about making such an investment I would regard these steps as reasonable initial due diligence. No legitimate seller should hesitate to share these numbers.

Even a google VIN check can lead you to interesting places...once I found a vehicle listed for sale by owner, and in checking the VIN found photographs of the same vehicle on a salvage lot after a wreck dated 3 months prior...the ad said salvage title was due to a water leak under the sink...forgot to mention what appeared to be a blow out & ditch encounter.

If you run my CAT engine serial number at a CAT dealer...all the CAT recorded services are shown. Other engine makers likely have similar systems. Might be nice to know.

Keep your eyes wide open AND your running shoes on for these "super deals". The trick is to know "run for it" or "run away".
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