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Originally Posted by Rick Davis View Post
The pic shows my old voltage regulator #228602 on the right, with 6 spade terminals, labeled;
55, &

On the left of the pic is one I've been told WOGgers have had success with. It is voltage regulator #228675, with five wires labeled;
two 'AC sensing' leads, &
one labeled as B for 'battery flashing'.

So, can someone cross reference the leads for me?
Rick, I would like to know too. I do know that the +&- wires go to the brushes and the 55 & 66 go to the bad stator winding on my generator. It only feeds the voltage regulator and I've been told it can be fed from another source using the original reg or more simply with an aftermarket reg. that would do that. This would certainly be less expensive than a new generator head.
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