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Default Shanes alternator belt alignment(or lack of)

Shane called me on friday nite,and left a nice message about his 85PT40's alternator belts.
it seems his pulleys are a little misaligned and the belts fail in about 10,000 miles.

Shane,i had this same problem on an 84PT40,the drive pulley on the engine is not adjustable.
What i think has happened is the alternator has been changed at some point and the wrong pulley has been installed.
Sometimes theres a small spacer between the pulley and the fan,that spacer may be too wide,causing the alignment problem.

Its been years since i fixed the problem on my coach,and i think i fixed it by using a thinner spacer,and by turning the shoulder on the pulley off in the lathe.
getting the correct spacer and pulley may be a hard job.
email me at only.

Randy Dupree
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