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Thanks Randy and Jay. I was able to locate a pulley on Friday that fit the new alternator and has deeper grooves and a larger diameter. It is also machined, rather than being cast iron. Locally, it was sold under part #24-1500 for $20. The Leece Neville Part Number is 73981. The original pulley that the old Delco alternator had was very small and cast iron- probably because the old alternator was not self-exciting and had to spin alot faster. The 2800JB Leece Neville (Prestolite) unit does not require high RPM's to put out full voltage. The new pulley is about 3/4 inch larger in diameter and accommodates belts up to 1/2". The one that originally was on the bird only fit 3/8" belts. I'm still at a loss as to why the alternator appears to not be spinning in the same "plane" as the engine pulley and is off by a few degrees. My alternator mount does not appear to be wallowed out and other components are all tight. Replacing the pulley on the engine will be my next step if the belts continue to wear out. Even 3/8" belts seem to ride high in the grooves on the engine pulley. Part numbers for that unit would be great!! Here is the photo of the new pulley.
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