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Originally Posted by putneyflash View Post
To get my tag this year I need the weight of the coach, I called the tag office and the lady said, no need to weight it, just take the weight off the tag on the door. My data tag on the coach only gives the GVWR which id 42,000 #.
Anyone ever weighted their coach?
I need the weight for a 1983 PT 40.
I understand if the fuel tank is full that adds about 2400 pounds or so.
I am looking for a ball park figure
Georgia also; my tag office asked for the GVWR so the 42,000 lbs for yours would be correct.

This really stinks. In the past it went by the age of the vehicle and our tag was only $47 per year. Now with Georgia using weight, ourS went up to around $150.00. I know, less than most but still another example of our law makers always trying to find a way to squeeze us harder.....

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