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Originally Posted by NoGas View Post
Has anyone had negative experiences with lithiums (other than their effects on pocketbooks )??

You can find an outline of coach battery options at this WOG thread (my posts 38, 40 & 43). Jim B added that AGM GC2's are available from SAMs. Still considering my options . Decisions, decisions!

Using my cardboard lithium battery mockups I determined 4 - 200Ah Elite/GBS packs will fit perfectly in the M380 dual slide, right rear closet on the floor behind the existing AC breaker panel. There's even room for the Magnum panel/inverter/PT100 solar charger - stack above. Wiring it this way will be a challenge because space is tight, but it looks doable. Except for the Magnum "phone" wire and a couple 4/0 DC cable runs up front, having that AC breaker panel literally right next to everything should make wiring easier.

Instead of lithiums, placing lead batteries in the bay below wouldn't change things much. The Magnum panel/inverter/PT100 charger will still be placed in the closet and wiring runs to the batts would remain short to the bay immediately below.

Lots people running with lithiums, including Randy so technology seems ready-for-prime time ??
Van, I'd say you managed the hardest task of all so far. Convincing the wife that she doesn't need that closet anymore. So the rest should be easy.

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