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Default 1988 WB40 Alternator belt servicing

Greetings friends — I’m currently wrenching on my “new to me” 1988 XXV with the 8V92 sexy beast, and find myself scratching my head, armpits and nostrils, trying to cipher how to get my new belts onto the lower alternator (it currently has none, but the alternator spins freely, so I’m hopeful). Do I actually have to pull off the back bumper to get to this thing? It’s buried from every angle that I see... Please have mercy and advise! Also, is there an upper unit on this model that is accessible from beneath the bed? Neither unit seems to be offering any ohm-alms, so I’m assuming that neither unit had been serviced in recent history, as none of the previous owners’ receipts show belt replacements...they exchanged fluids a lot, but seem to have neglected their rubbers, and left the juicy bits to me
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