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Default How to Archive Posts Offline & 500 Max Limit

My coach has a few modifications and many are documented here on the WOG. So I wanted to find the posts which describe those mods and archive them to a hard disk or thumb drive for later use offline. Perhaps I will also print them out so I can hand a “book” to the eventual next owner . For our M380 members, this information might also be of interest so I’d make the final PDF product available here on the WOG.

Finding the first 500 is easy, just follow John Finn’s excellent primer: HERE. One can search by thread or individual posts organized in ascending date order from your very first WOG posting. Working in ascending date order, one can then select which ones to save to an offline device in PDF format. I found that idea HERE. That I can tell pictures which are clickable at the bottom but which are not imbedded, will need to be clicked on and saved individually. Perhaps someone knows a way to do that automatically? So all it takes is time to sort through and save the pertinent posts or threads. However...

To Moderator/Administrator - Unfortunately, I could not find a specific “Enter date to start looking” function. “Ascending” returns the oldest 500 posts/threads and “Descending” the 500 most recent ones. But what about those in-between? How do I find those?
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