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Originally Posted by OldGrandad View Post
Donn: Did you have to pull the bed out? I'm headed to Seguin for the same thing sometime next month whenever Clyde can work me in. I know he has a pit and was wondering they were able to replace those hoses from below.
Ernie has it right. The two engines are very different. Honestly I don't know if Clyde and his hands had to pull the bed because I wasn't there when they were doing it, but unless they are mighty skinny and handy at twisting wrenches on something they can't see very well, I'd expect they'd have to pull the hatch behind the bed. Yours may not require it.

At this point I've got to put in a plug for Clyde and his shop. I do not think I've ever encountered a business so ethical and willing to please and take care of a customer. I'm supposed to pick it up tomorrow, but got a call that the transmission filter sent by Stewart & Stevenson was the wrong one. This caused them to fall behind and it may take another day. I'd already booked a flight to get back down there, can't change it without paying a ridiculous fee, so they said not to worry. Come on and it it takes another day I can stay in the coach in their lot.

Since I needed to know how much money to bring, I asked about what work had been done. When I dropped the coach off I'd pretty much given them carte blanche. I'm no mechanic and neither have I sufficient experience with these busses to recognize what needs to be done. He started explaining all that they had checked, and all the work they HAD NOT done... because the work didn't need to be done. Another shop would have been replacing parts and charging me for things Seguin Diesel passed as okay. They could have taken me for a ride and I'd never have known it... but they didn't. I figure my bill will likely be half of what I expected.

Can't say enough about these guys. I'm impressed.
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