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Originally Posted by Mikenjackie View Post
Michael, is solar installation a feasible DIY project? Also, does Aaron provide scematics showing how/where the system interfaces with the existing wiring in our coaches? If not DIY, do you have any idea of cost & time to have it done? I'm gonna get solar in our PT-40, probably end of this year so I can make Quartzite 2018.
Like most projects just depends on your abilities. It typically takes 2 people to safely get the panels on the roof. Once mounted the wiring is straight forward and Aaron is VERY helpful. I'd have to give customer service an A+ there. Aaron also has an installer that does contract work for him so anyone passing through can setup an install here.

If you already have an inverter the best place to tie in is there. The inverter already has a huge cable going to the battery, no need to duplicate that. The wiring is very simple and straight forward, only two wires from the solar and two going to the inverter (or batteries). Then some simple menu driven controller setup to match your system and the instructions come with the controller. There you set "solar", 12v, battery ah size, charge settings, bulk, float, etc.. These specs you can pick "canned" options or better, check with your battery spec sheet to tailor to your system. :-)
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