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Originally Posted by Ironbutt62 View Post
Looks like an interesting and robust install. Look forward to seeing your progress.

Originally Posted by NoGas View Post

If you haven't already, recommend you check out my M380 All Electric Conversion thread -

Around post 53 is where I get around to installing a completely new battery system. After lots of deliberation about lithiums I ended up staying with lead. Like you I chose L 16's but went with Full River AGM's. So far, am very happy with their performance. I also put a large solar array on the roof like you are planning. Chose to go with smaller 60 cell panels for both aesthetics and because they are easier to install. Didn't want them placed way up in the air above the coach or hanging over the sides. I love seeing the surprise when I tell someone I have 1.4 kW of solar on the roof . Whichever battery type you go with, make sure to contact the battery manufacturer and obtain their optimum charging profile. Do not simply use time! The Magnum MS2812 can be custom configured to end the absorption phase when the battery is actually fully charged. Failure to do this will dramatically reduce your battery life. Since you have the Magnum already, I hope you consider the PT100 solar charge controller instead of what everyone typically uses. Those two boxes work perfectly together with the remote control head and the single PT100 cost is the same or less than multiple Midnight Classics, when installing larger watt systems.

I wish you all the best with your project!
Thanks and I will have a read, also all of the connected devices will be Magnasine products. I learned a long time ago using Outback that it's preferable and easier to do that.
Being electrical contractors with off grid experience we like easy

Originally Posted by rtpn60 View Post
How many solar controllers are you going to use?

Check your specs on using 6x 320w panels (1920 watts) or 9x 320w panels.
Initially the plan will be one PT100 which can outlput 100 amps maximum.

Also, doing some measuring today I'm leaning towards 8 with each pair wired in series and the 4 sets well as that, i'm not keen on approaching the breaker 150 volt limit.

So the 8 panels would theoretically supply 2560 watts. The reality with where I live, where I go and the fact that they will be simply flat might yield me 60% of that on a good day, so perhaps 1540 watts useable.

So using Rolls' specs which call for a 15 volt bulk and absorb charge that would be 102 amps....minus the 1% loss in the effeciency would be right at that 100 amps

The PT can take more but will only output that 100 amps max. So I will see what I record for charging.

If it turns out that I'm leaving capacity on the table then I will add another controller.
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