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If you can wait a couple months, the 2nd largest WOG rally is in January at Quartzsite, AZ...last year there were about 100 rigs there.

Here's the reality; you really do need to keep $10k in reserve, even the best kept 'Birds need "stuff"; tires every 7-10 years at $500 a pop, batteries...LOTS of batteries every 3-7 years, apart from all the mechanical things that can decide to quit on you.

So, you have a tentative budget, that's step 1. Next, look at the pro's & con's of each type, check out this URL:
for info on each model. Full-timing has its own set of priorities; typically you'll need more storage space (at least, we did!), but extra size means less maneuverability, & the fact that you won't fit into some parks.

Once you've narrowed it down to what model (or models) you're after, you have to think about pedigree. Most of what Randy sells on is being sold by fellow WOG members, who, on the whole, will be willing to help you with questions about your 'Bird even weeks or months after you've purchased it, everything from "why won't she start?" to "what does this switch do?". You might find a "deal" on Craigs List, or, as some have found, the photos displayed bear little resemblance to the true state of the bus. BBBB, on the other hand, has real photos, & most members are up-front about what, if anything, needs repair.

You said you've flipped houses & worked on cars, but not diesels. So look for something that's mechanically sound, little to no rust, read WOG for common problems for the model you're interested in (things like air compressor hoses on older busses, for example). Then ask the PO if they have been addressed. If the frame, engine & tranny are in good shape, & you're planning to be parked for extended periods, you'll be able to rehab a "tired"-looking interior yourself, and busses with cosmetic flaws sell cheaper!

Hope these pointers help.
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