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Originally Posted by badandy View Post
These are just what I've found on mine and I've been through just about everything:
  • Under the bathroom tub/drain
  • Where the wires pass from the engine compartment up into the passenger/rear corner cabinet in the bedroom
  • In front of the driver's feet where the floor sheet metal meets the swing-out panel with the headlights. I believe this is the prime area as it's easy for critters to climb up into by the massive amount of wires. This is also the draftiest place I found, it's just not sealed up well at all.
  • Under the kitchen sink at the low edge of the wall is where the generator power comes inside to my transfer switch and all the rubber sealant had failed and it left a big hole.
  • Under the fridge where the LP line comes in - this is a great area to come in. They can climb up into the upper cabinets directly from here or go into the bathroom unimpeded.
As Andy has written, I had a mouse problem but found that they were coming up the frame rail on the drivers side.
You can open up the left front and look down to the right and see daylight.
Bought stainless scrubbing pads and can foam.
Put the pads in place and foamed the rail area by the electric wires.
No problem since.
Did buy an ultrasound gizmo to plug in behind the drivers side for extra insurance.
No problems now for 3 years.
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