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"Why do I read about so many problems with 'Birds here on the WOG forum?"

Isn't that like opening up a phone book and saying, "Why are there so many phone numbers in here?" or "Why is there news in this newspaper". Sorry, but this title had me laughing.

I think one of the main ideas behind a forum like this one is to collectively solve problems, and this one does this very well. An unbelievable resource for folks like me that are still getting to know their 'Birds. For many years, I have worked with industrial automation, and I have to say, I've been very impressed with the level of organization and quality that Bluebird put into their wired panels. I think there are several aspects of a Bluebird that are top notch, but like any machine that pulls together so many different systems, there will be maintenance and problem solving that will be ongoing.

This forum provides the knowledge and experience that all of us need to keep these rolling fortresses on the road. A big Thank you to Randy and his group for starting and maintaining this forum for all of us.


Chris Blegen
La Crosse, WI
1989 SP36 Silver Edition
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