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Default Girard Awning LED Lighting

A brand new Girard installation I saw recently had an led light strip mounted in the groove/cavity/slot in the outboard edge extrusion of the awning. Looked great. This cavity was designed for sliding a screen drop along it, but removal of the end caps, and having to remove it for each retraction made it useless. The LED strip was a really nice use of the slot, so I duplicated the installation.

The cavity is a "T" kind of slot 3/8" wide and 3/8" deep. Most tapes are 0.39” wide and would not fit. The tape used was 0.31" from, SKU # 4100058-WW, non-dimmable, waterproof, with adhesive backing.

There are probably better ways to install this, and I don't know how Girard did it, but I stuck the strips to some 1/8" plastic sheet cut in strips, pushed them through, then pulled a 1/4" polypropylene rope (for no water absorption) through behind it with a messenger cord. This was to keep the strip from bouncing in the slot and dropping out.

Girard ran the cased wire bundle (I used 16-2 marine wire from West Marine) through the outboard arm, but on the top of the inboard arm. I ran it on top of both. Used white tie-wraps that are not too visible. You have to be careful of interference when closing, and enough loop at the bends to avoid straining the wire.

The pictures aren't great, but you get the idea. When the awning is extended, the led strip gives enough light for the patio, and when retracted, lights up the area next to the bus very well, better than the patio light.
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