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Default Back surgery

Went in the hospital on 10/10 for a lumbar laminectomy. Got out the next day. I was doing well until the fourth day out and the pain was unbearable. I think the doc didn't believe I was in pain but it was much worse than earlier in the summer when I passed four kidney stones. Went back in the hospital and they gave me heavy duty antibiotics thinking they could kill an infection. I was on Percocet and morphine and it didn't touch the pain at all. I had a migraine headache for sixteen day straight. Six days later they opened my back up again to clean out the infection. Had a major hemorrhoid problem from the narcotics and they operated on that too. The infectious disease doc kept promising to come and see me to release me but he never showed and I was in for 21 days. I decided I had to get out of there no matter what. Found the head of neurosurgery's phone number and I called him and left a message stating I was going home that day if I had to walk out with my butt showing out of my gown and the IV's dragging on the ground that afternoon. My surgeon showed up in my room in a five minutes and he gave me the OK but the Infectious Disease guy had the final say. The nurses wouldn't give me any info about when he would come. They said no body knows how to get ahold of him. I had a meltdown, not buying that BS! Everyone no matter who they are has a way to get hold of them and somebody is going to release me or I would do it myself. So they guy showed up in about an hour. They scheduled me for a PICC line in my arm to infuse vacomycin at home. Vacomycin is a heavy duty antibiotic that is used to kill MRSA or other infections. I got out about 530 that afternoon. I do the infusions at home now for a total of six weeks twice a day. Each infusion takes 2 1/2 hours but better than a minute longer in the hospital. I have a long road of recovery ahead but getting stronger every day. My wife is a saint, taking care of me and all the things I can't do around home yet. My best buddy came down from North Detroit today and got me out of the house for a trip to Tony Packo's for some Hunky food and I gave him the T-Town tour of my old neighborhood and the Fire Repair Shop where I worked for 30 years. I am so blessed with friends and relatives visiting and bringing food to give my wife a break. Today's trip tired me out and let me know just how far I have to go to a full recovery. Taking baby steps and going slow. Each time my wife leaves the house I sneak out to the shop and organize all the projects I have on hold and clean the shop a little bit. My hands have never been this clean in 60 years! On a bus forum all us old guys with back problems were thinking we should preach to all the young racers to take care of their backs so when they get old and get their first bus they will still have some pain free years to enjoy their bus hobby.

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