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Default What did we learn from Randy's Barbecued 'Bird?


I suppose like a lot of others perhaps, I have become complacent in the last 14 months I have owned my 'bird. Reliable, comfortable, safe, etc. but I haven't worried about fire - until now.

I checked my fire extinguishers - I have three of them - one behind the passenger seat and two in the "basement". It seems all of them are either dead or are probably OEM and most likely unreliable aft 12+ years.

So, off to the fire extinguisher store. What type, what brand, what size and how many should I have?

Also, I've never given the emergency exit more than a passing thought. Should I check them for ease of operation, etc., and does using the emergency exit windows do any damage to the windows?

I'm sure these questions are sort of primary, but like I said, I've not given any of this much thought until now.
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