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Yes, mine is a pusher. We have not done the swap yet. We are doing prep, locating parts etc right now. I am going to pick up the engine/trans etc. next week and we are doing the swap first week of September. We are not anticipating that the swap will be that big an issue. Measurements have been made and we are sure that everything will fit. I understand your reluctance regarding braking etc. I can tell you that air brakes are the only way to go, and not just from a stopping perspective. You can replace air brakes and all related components for a fraction of the cost of replacing hydraulic. I have a friend with a single axle Ford dump truck and he had to replace the brakes including master cylinder and booster last year and the cost was astronomical. I don't know anything about this 69 but I will tell you that you should be focusing on a WL with air brakes.
If this 70 SP had not come up for me I was going to do an early FC, a 31'er or perhaps a 33'er. IMHO thats the way to go.
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