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The wife and I took the Bird out for a short trip and lost the generator the morning of the second day (made the rest of the trip staying in RV sites, or on the inverter). Losing the generator turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Better minds than mine (Shane, Rick, Woody, & Randy) helped come to the conclusion that the voltage regulator in the Power Tec had taken a dump. Randy advised working on the gen set from underneath was Brutal. When Randy speaks… it’s best to listen. Since most of the insulation in the generator compartment had deteriated and disappeared, I took Randy’s advice and decided to pull the generator, replace the regulator, clean, re-insulate, and put it all back together. Sounds simple… NOT. Once I opened Pandora’s Box, there was no stopping. I took it all out- guts, feathers, and all! I removed all the wiring from the transfer switch through the control box, and to the generator (some of the wiring needs help). When I crawled into the nasty generator compartment to start cleaning for the new insulation, what I found was the plywood that lined the generator doghouse was badly burned, charred 2/5 of the way through. I then removed the generator slide tray base and the metal doghouse. I don’t know how in the world the smoldering plywood didn’t set the Bird on fire. If the regulator hadn’t gone bad, and I had waited till next year to re-insulate the generator compartment, I think the Wanderlodge would have been history. It’s hard to see much of anything around the generator into the dark generator compartment , BUT, if your generator compartment insulation is in bad shape, It might be time well spent poking around in there. After complete removal, cleaning, and inspection of all the entire contents of the generator compartment, I found the culprit of this failure to be the bushings in the cooling fan motor behind the generator. The bushings went bad, fan quit running, generator compartment over-heated, causing the plywood to burn, and the voltage regulator to overheat and thankfully quit before any serious (fire in the coach) damage occurred.
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