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As we walk through this problem your having with your coach on the forum... now is a good time to mention a couple of things about BlueBird Wanderlodges:

BlueBird built Wanderlodges on spec and as custom orders for dealers and even within a single model year some things can be found "done different" a general rule you could almost say that there is not really a "standard" BlueBird Wanderlodge. They would do just about anything to satisfy a customers/dealers desires.

Then add the various owners over the years and their "customizations"...

All these factors combine to make even the simplest problems a bit more complex...and complex problems even harder to solve. The suggestions we give are based on our own experiences with our coaches...some info might apply, some might not.

An example is that your A/T switch is vertical, mine crossways on the dash.
My '85 has jumper terminals...your '82-83 might not...or might have them in another location.

It's all part of the journey...welcome aboard!
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