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On my 1980 FC, the neutral start switch in the shift quadrant is just a little out of adjustment. Usually I have to push ther shift lever forward to get it to make contact. Getting the parts/pieces out of the way to do the adjustment will have to wait until the driver's seat is out of the way though. The suggestion to see if the fuel solenoid "thunks" when you turn the ignition to the run position is a good indicator that you do have power to the ignition switch and out to that solenoid. Checking the small Ford type solenoid on the frame below the radiator in front of the starter would be a good starting point. Have your son turn the key to the start position. The big lug on that Ford solenoid that's connected to the solenoid on the starter should get power to make the starter solenoid hot and crank the starter. If the starter has power and the field coil lug on the side of the starter case is not hot you have a bad ground to the starter, bad starter solenoid or that copper piece between the starter solenoid and the field coils is dirty or overtightened to cause a bad connection. A clicking relay is a sign of a bad connection or low power. A bad ground can sieze the crankshaft to the main bearings as the starter looks for a ground and finds it through particles of dirt in the oil between the bearings and the crankshaft. Don't take outside appearances of a good ground for granted. A ground connection can be tight and look OK but corrosion hides between the connection and the frame or an electrical component. Hope this helps.

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