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Unless I am misinterpreting your actions, I am concerned that your diagnostic process is not as methodical as it could be.

From the symptoms you initially described, when you turn your ignition key to 'start', you get absolutely nothing. You have an FC, so you *should* be able to easily hear everything that is occurring. Since you hear nothing, your first step should be in diagnosing the ignition switch. Is it supplying 12v to the starting circuit when you go to start the coach? Then, follow the trail from there.

Did you test the solenoids you are now going to replace?? Get where I'm going with this? No need to be checking ground straps if the "Ford Style" solenoid isn't getting a signal to actuate. It *could* be a bad solenoid, but until tested, we don't know for sure, and you end up chasing your tail & throwing money at the problem.

Hope this proves to be helpful.

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