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Points well taken. With my limited understanding of electricity, my thinking was that is there is continuity then there is a path or connection. I will clean off the leads. Also, I see your point about following the path, I was under the engine and thought I could test that out to check it out.

I am learning that I am not describing things well enough. When I say I get nothing, I meant that I am getting nothing from the starter. No movement at all.

I did start to disassemble the shifter area to test the ignition switch but it was not coming apart and I thought that if I have 12v further down the chain that I can test when the key is on why take apart something that doesn't seem to want to come apart.

As for testing the solenoid, that is a very valid point. I should test it to know either way. My thinking was that from the reading, I see these things wear out so I should replace it so I don't get stranded in the future. My lady puts up with all of my outdoor sports like kayaking and such but being broken down gets her on edge. If something like the ac goes out, no problem but not moving is not good! If she is happy, we are all happy.

I do appreciate all the advice, direction and pointers.
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