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Originally Posted by Steelwheels View Post
Sorry to bring this up, but winters coming. What have most people done, I know some have shut off the breakers but I wanted to get the wiring.

I unplugged the one heat tape under the kitchen sink, and turned the electric baseboard all the way down. I know about this junction box in the rear under the bed that runs the electric baseboard and the heat tape in the rear. Cut the wires in the box ? Are there any other places that I am missing.
Are the electric baseboards a hazard, do they work, has anyone found alternatives maybe a small ceramic ?

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In my 87FC there was a plug for heat tape that I unplugged underneath the bathroom sink area, inside the bottom door on the right side, there was another access door with an outlet behind it, which powered the heat tape for the pipes that ran inside the chase along the drivers side. Did you get that one?
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