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Originally Posted by iamflagman View Post
On my way back from Florida in late May it rained most of the way and I drove in a mist and I thought that was what was affecting my vision until the weather cleared up and my vision didn't, I was already scheduled for laser eye surgery to fix some Glaucoma issues on July 24, so I figured I would just wait until then but my vision continued to get worse, I had difficulty reading both printed material and computer generated print and other issues too, so after consulting my eye doctor at the VA Hospital here in Columbia, SC she recommended I go to the emergency room and that was what I did yesterday and after 6 hours, it was very busy, I got a thorough examination and after they consulted with the eye doctor on call I was released and told to come back to the eye clinic this morning and after even more doctors and tests it was determined that the cataracts that I have had for almost 42 years that were caused by one of the anti-rejection drugs Prednisone a steroid for my kidney transplant, had grown considerably. So now I am in the process of getting ready for cataract surgery, I am not exactly sure when it will be yet, but soon I hope.
John, Ensure they know you live alone and are unable to administer the required drops for pre and post surgery. These drops are important and must get into your eye and not just close. Please, please, take the time to get them shaking their heads yes that you need help with this.
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