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212F is generally considered to be the highest safe temperature, depending on what mechanic you ask. That said, I have seen a few that were run higher and survived, and a few that died @ 205F. If you are really interested, you should have the oil tested. Obviously, a visual oil check that shows any water is a problem. Also, put a drop of oil on a paper towel. A black spot with a halo around it shows fuel in the oil, another problem.

Water damage to floors is fixable. It will be a pain because Blue Bird never used 2 screws when they could use 5. The same with pipes. Most have replaced a lot of the water piping with PEX. Either of these jobs will require you to weigh no more that 80 LBS., and have three, 5", double jointed arms with six fingers. Some folks say the application of alcohol and swear words help.

I don't know anything about fixing the ceiling since mine have not leaked but others have replaced entire panels so I know it can be done.

1985 PT36
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