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I'm not going to sugar coat this, and I'm not trying to scare you away because I think the price is right on that coach (not having seen it in person):

1) the temp gauge could be wonky (likely). Verify what's really going on. If it "did" run over 205 for a while and it's not drinking water then there's likely nothing to worry about as long as it's not "still" overheating. The oil pressure gauge or sender is probably shot, too. My oil pressure gauge showed 15 psi most of the time. I installed a mechanical on the engine and it's 30-40 when hot, 55 when cold.
2) assume everything on the roof leaks. replace the fans with new, reseal the tank vents, and reseal/replace every single one of those screws that holds down the aluminum diamond plate and goat rails. Also consider that the drip rails and awning mount screws are probably loose/wobbled out and leaking. Except for the fans this is an inexpensive exercise.
3) fixing the ceiling panels is going to be a pain in the rear, but it has been done. If they are just warped, but the backing is still in tact (not rotted away from the water) then you can wet them and form them back.
4) running 1500 miles with 15-40 probably didn't do any real damage, but you have no idea how long previous owners ran it. I have a feeling we're all in that position when we buy a used 2-stroke and I bet more often than not someone ran the wrong oil in them. Picking up Delo 100 can't be done in a retail setting.
5) as far as the interior water leaks and problems - if it froze then just plan on ripping it all out and replacing all the plumbing, water pump, valves, water heater, etc. It's not that hard to do on a PT35. PEX is the way to run. I am not an 80 lb skinny dude, either!
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