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Hi all just got test back on oil sample, does anyone have experience and is knowledgeable with the reports? They want to do a Analytical Ferrogram. Here is what the was in the report.

Suggest checking compression and for engine breather passing oil (blow-by) or similar diagnostics and monitoring engine fault codes. We recommend an Analytical Ferrogram be performed for this sample to clarify the type of wear and/or contamination present. Please contact Customer Service for additional test information. Cylinder region metals (pistons, rings, liners etc.) are at a SIGNIFICANT LEVEL; Please provide missing lubricant information. Manufacturer, product name, and viscosity grade are needed to properly evaluate lubricant properties. Action;

Looks like
Iron 63 ppm
Chromium 2
aluminum 20 ppm red

Any input or advice would be great.
Doug F
San Bernardino
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