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Originally Posted by cgremill View Post
Thanks so much for the warm welcome to the group. I have spent the last week "playing" with the coach. Trying to figure out what each switch controls. I have come to realize that many items on my check into list are just my ignorance of a coach that was well thought out and provided controls for everything from lights to a toilet that flushes with compressed air. I am still in awe at the engineering and value that these girls bring compared to the junk they sell today.

Last weekend I fueled up at a local station and had 2 gentlemen come up to me (yes it took a while to pump 125 gallons) and admire the coach. One who thought it was a Prevost of some sort and the other that knew exactly what a Wanderlodge was, the finest coach on the road. Big smile on my face...

I know there is a lot of maintenance ahead of me the keep this girl in top shape. But given the engineering and thoughtfulness of the team that assembled this coach I am proud to keep the tradition of these coaches alive for years to come.

Again thanks for the warm welcome to the forum. You guys and gals have been a wealth of information in the couple of weeks that I have owned the coach. I will continue to be vigilant in posting what I find unique in this coach as there is still a lot for me to learn.

God Bless and safe travels.

Chip Gremillion

Hi Chip!
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