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Originally Posted by Randy Dupree View Post
Every body has a way to get the rest of the sticky and crumbs off,but i have a way that works pretty good.
Home depot sells a scraper on a shovel handle.
Its heavy duty,about 4'' wide.
I use it for the big stuff.
On the genny bay you can scrape almost all of the foam out while sitting in a chair.
If the genny is out!

Once i scrape the big stuff i pressure wash everything else.
I see no reason to remove all of the glue,new glue sticks to the old glue just fine.
Sounds like a good idea... I think I already have the scraper you are talking about, I will have to look in my shed for it. Yea I was thinking it would be a real pain to try to remove all that glue. I think the old glue will give it some extra tooth to hold the new glue, plus the washers will help too....

Yea I got enough insulation to do the generator bay too... luckily someone else already removed all the old insulation in there, so all I have to do is install the new insulation...

I am thinking I need to clean up the engine and give it a couple licks of silver paint to get it back looking good again.. Depends on how much time I end up with before pine mountain.

I want to check the valve clearances and set the injectors while I have access to the driver side cover.

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