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Originally Posted by jgm View Post
Bill's post #3

Started the generator this morning for hot water. When it was time to shut it down I went out front to check temp of generator and found all front lights on.
On the dash the indicator lights for docking lights, parking lights and high beam indicator were on.
I pulled the dash off to check light switch, took out new headlight bulb (the two things I had recently worked on), tried to make sense of the schematics I have..... it was looking like it would be a long day.
Before sending a question I searched headlights and started reading until I got to Bill's post. YES I hit the switch with my head in the morning.

Luckily I didn't pull a bunch of wires apart.

Thank you Bill

Thanks for this thread!

Working on the bird today, had the front dash apart (trying to replace the radio), and hit the "security lock" switch by mistake...ok...but now I can not get the door to open...hmm...well...I recall a switch in the back...above the bed. There it is...which way do I turn this...that did not work...wait, the door is open now...great...hold on! Why are the landing lights and headlights on?? ***???

I spent an hour trying to figure it out...sun was dropping, so disconnected the batteries and figured it will be a task for tomorrow...and now, it seems, I have found the answer...

Thanks boys!
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