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So we have it narrowed down a bit and are looking forward to touring some Birds soon.

FC35SB: for the simplicity and the bed in the rear is a must for the Mrs.

PT38: for a little more space and perhaps avoiding needing an upgrade anytime soon. I also love the sound of an 8V 2 stroke. No 8V's in the smaller PT's is how I read the archives. Roger that?

SP36: for the "modern" conveniences and the cadillac ride I read about and apparently those that have them love them. The bigger CAT is a plus too. I'm not too sure about the looks of it though. This one would probably max the budget so it would have to be ready to go or close to it.

We will be looking to tour some Birds this fall and winter and hope to decide on what we like best by early next year to focus on finding the right candidate from whatever model we choose. If we decide to go the Wanderlodge route this will be our last year with the fifth wheel.
Our annual trek to Florida (Punta Gorda/Port Charlotte) begins soon with a stop in Charleston, SC to visit the grandkids but then we'll be in PG/PC, FL. area the first part of November.
If you have a Bluebird of the type listed above and are in between Naples and Clearwater we would be much obliged if we could get a tour of your coach sometime between the 5th and 9th of November.
The fiver stays in Florida for the winter so we will be back if it doesn't work this time.
Thanks for any input on our deliberations so far.
Onward through the fog.
Jeff Schneider
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