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Originally Posted by Joatha View Post
I noted on another thread that due to my own stupidity I had to rely on my dash air to keep me cool. I observed an interesting oddity in how it works on my coach.

When the coach was at idle and sitting, the fans blew cold and hard when on high - downright pleasant when you have no other AC. But, the faster I went (think 65-70), the less air I got out of the dash vents - like the fans slowed down. When I slowed down, the air output would rise - with the highest output at idle.
Any ideas why it would behave this way?

No idea really so I will throw some dung in the game.
It seems as I remember when towing something heavy, & running the a/c on a van I had that as the engine needed additional power the computer would somehow back down the a/c thus providing more power for the engine.
Maybe something along those lines
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