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Default El Dash Inverter replacement on a 90SP

Alright, I started with out you. Cleaned the contacts on the switch and dimmer.There are 4 inverters with all wired in parallel. Each 110 in addition to the parallel wiring appears to have an individual load. My guess is this provides some sort of load balancing or fault tolerance. I disconnected the #1 inverter and connect a replacement unit from Dupree Products. Energized the circuit and hooray I have some EL at the dash. The following dashes lit up:
Left hand controls- Retarder, Cockpit lights etc.
Both upper instrument/switch dashes
Lower dash except for lower right quadrant- it appear to be trying though only when turned up at full bright.
Right hand lower dash (stereo) same as lower right quadrant of main lower dash.
Nothing on the overhead. The Blue Bird Parts Catalog describes 2 Inverters, Ceramic EL, RH Upper Dash, Upper dash for a 90WL so this may turn out to be an additional scavenger hunt.
It did seem like I really had to turn the stat up to get things lit up.
Any one see any reason not to replace an additional inverter on the other end of the chain (#4) and repeat the test ?
I have read speculation that the Dupree inverter has more a** than the ERG's. Any one happen to have the specs? Adding one more at a time till they light up seems like a good idea. I'm sure there is a flaw in my thinking and the idea of getting a different kind of "lit up" causes me a little anxiety.
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