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Originally Posted by Bill Pape View Post
We were part of the group BlueBird purchase, call Tweety they may still honor a discounted price, ( times are, tough especially in the RV business)

This unit is internally installed, It will monitor all incoming power including the generator, the readout in far more accurate than the BB installed gages. Voltage can vary somewhat 108 to 128+, but the cycles ( Hertz) are critical, sometimes generator power will bog down and cycles are reduced, if there is a gennie problem, This unit will save your electronic gear and protect against surge, in addition to giving useful power management information.
Bill Progressive did not recommend monitoring the genny power. I in fact did hook in the genny and found the system didn't work well with it. I disconnected it and rewired it so that only shore power was fed through the HW 50C. This has worked well for the last year.
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