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Talk about a loaded question. LOL I take it that you're interested in ranking the mtce issues of the slides, not the coaches overall.

I wouldn't dare rank them, but here's some info on each. You can draw your own conclusions.

1) LXi/LX slides are done by HWH, the controls are all relays and descrete components, no computer control. The rams and locking pins are hydraulic and use the same HWH pump and reservoir as your jacks, the slide seal is pneumatic. HWH is still in business.

2) The M380 slides are proprietary BlueBird. They are computer controlled. The electronics run on 12V but are powered by a 120V-to-12V converter; i.e., you need shore power or an inverter turned on to convert 12V to 120V back to 12V. Computer control typically requires resetting if trouble arises. LR slide is air powered, BR slide is electric screw motor driven. Locks are electric in BR and air in LR. May require starting engine to air up sufficiently to get locks/slide to move. The outfit that did the electronic controls is still in business.

3) M450 slides are proprietary BlueBird, systems are 28V, locking pins are air driven, slide rooms are motor driven, computer controlled. Require a 120V-to-28V converter which need 120V shore power or 120V power from an inverter. Converter runs constantly, sucking boondocking power. Slide seals are air.
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